Self Motivation.

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Today’s blog is mainly about “self” and how to keep yourself motivated with whatever you are doing, whether its studies or working. Why I decided to blog on this is because I personally have to keep motivating myself somehow, literally everyday! Being a student and having a lot of pressure from everywhere can get a bit crazy and you start getting the “drop out” vibes and the giving up feelings, I guess it is normal at some point? But I did not let those feeling really get into me because many people in the past have actually made me feel like I can never achieve anything in life so I really have to push myself and I know I have to prove people wrong! Nobody is born useless, you just have to prove yourself at times because there are people who will always talk bad about you and make you feel like you are good for nothing, so at times I think it is fair enough to show them. Now I do not mean you show off and brag but you just have to for once, of course people will always have something ill to say! But you gotta do what you have to.

Secondly, through my recent crazy phase with so much stress and so many things to finish up, I am glad I just have my close friends who have kept on encouraging me and telling me that i can do it! It is keeping me going, so get yourself real friends or even family members who can always encourage and talk to you through and not let you give up. Trust me, when your friends and family believe in you, why should you even think of giving up? That is something that has really kept me going and surviving through. I actually thank all my friends for being there for me and encouraging me throughout! Also just ask yourself one question, if others can make it, why not you? You just need to work hard, stay dedicated and focused keeping all the negative vibes away from you.

To stay motivated, be it studies, work, fitness journey or anything the most important thing one should have is a to-do list or to put it in better words a plan. Because for you to achieve what you want to, you can’t do that without a plan. Once you have a plan you know what to do and you are organised, it reduces the stress. I made a schedule recently for my everyday study plan which is actually really helping me out, because if you don’t have a plan, you end up being scattered and stressed which eventually leads to self-disappointment. You might remember a lot of things you have to do, and you do them last minute and it doesn’t really go right. So I think its good enough to have a plan and be organised. Lastly I’ll just end with a quote that really inspires me and gives me the “sike” to actually do something! Also as my dad says “Hard work leads to happiness” you really do feel happy and more like a “genius” when you have worked hard and achieved what you wanted to!

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~Amrit Kaur

If you are working on something that you really care about, you do not have to be pushed. The vision pulls you!” ~Steve Jobs





You all must be wondering, what about orphans? Well there is a lot about orphans! Many of us are actually so busy in our lives that we forget there are some children somewhere who need our attention. By attention I mean they also wish to have a life you have. Don’t you think instead of always spending time with your friends at a coffee shop or a park you can plan a day to spend time with these children? Buy some gifts and toys, make some donations if you wish to. They even need to feel loved from other people, and not just people from the orphanage. You can decide to do some celebrations with them like birthdays, and make them feel special too?

You have your parents, siblings and friends around you to love you, and spend time with. You get learn new things, have fun, enjoy life and make new friends too! They also wish to learn new things, wear new clothes, eat a different kind of meal and meet new people. You can plan to organize some games, teach these kids something helpful that can help them in future and just keep them happy. Instead of throwing old clothes away, kindly just donate to the orphanage, there are people who value these little things a lot more. The orphans don’t have parents, they were just left alone. Some may even be younger than 3 years, who have not even felt the love of a parent. They grow up in a totally different environment and surrounding than most of us. You have no idea the pain they must be feeling when they are told they have no family.

They do not have a very “posh” life and probably are not taught enough at the orphanage,  as there are so many children to take care of. Take up some responsibility and spend time with these children, know more about how their life is and just make them feel loved. They should at least feel good that someone cares for them, and visits them and spends time and tells stories or something. Just put yourself in their shoes for once, even the thought of it scares you doesn’t it? Don’t be scared or embarrassed to go and spend time with these children, its the least you can do for them.  You can plan some activities outside the orphanage too, like tree planting activities or social service activities, and teach them and it can be a slight change of environment and experience for them.

~Amrit kaur


Are you safe?


You must be wondering what this blog is about, and probably thinking what I mean with my title. Well yes, are you safe? As we all know of the dangers happening out there today like kidnapping, rape, murders and many others. Well it not aliens that are doing all these, it is us humans. I have no idea what happiness it gives some people hurting others and physically abusing others. Revenge and hatred can be removed in other non-harmful ways too. You do not have to be violent and go killing someone over anything.  Raping girls as young as 5 year old, kidnapping someone and torturing them with electric shocks and physically abusing someone is totally not accepted. No humans deserve to be treated like that. We are not born to torture or be tortured by anyone. You can not sit there like a frog being tortured and abused, learn to stand for yourself and create awareness if you know you might be in danger get help immediately! Not only girls, even guys do get raped, murdered, and tortured. Yes, one blog of mine can not really make a big difference but you, the one reading this can surely go ahead and share it and spread the awareness to stop all this.

Its so difficult these days sending young children to go outside and play because of the dangers that surround us. We all have to be careful and take care of ourselves. If you know you might not be safe, don’t think too much take action! At times there are people who might be stalking you, checking on what time you leave the house and come back and where you often go, but you can not know that or control that or keep an eye on everyone around you. Just always make sure you have something to protect you, can be chili powder, pepper spray or pocket knife or anything that can be of use to self defend yourself! This blog is not to scare anyone, it is just to ensure we are safe wherever we are. If you see someone being abused physically anywhere, don’t stand there watching and taking a video of it, and upload on social media! Social media will not help save the person, it will just spread awareness, breaking news and “justice for whoever”. You standing there can help the person! Call nearby neighbors/police or anyone around to get help and save a life at least?  These monsters deserve to be caught and punished for what they are doing.

Nobody deserves to be hurt or tortured. Physically and emotionally, think twice before telling anyone anything or doing anything.  Karma will yet hit them monsters hard, but awareness and being safe is better, and learn to protect yourself. In my earlier blog I had talked about some self defense which i think is necessary for everyone to be able to take care and protect themselves and others too….anytime, anywhere! Please take care of yourself, your family & friends. Don’t allow yourself to be tortured by anyone or watch someone be tortured. Raise your voice against this, don’t fear to speak up!

~Amrit Kaur

Safety is as simple as “ABC” – Always Be Careful!     ~Unknown

Expressing Your Feelings.


Today’s blog is all about learning to express yourself.  Expressing your feelings to your dear ones. It can be your parents, siblings, children, teachers, better-half, best friends and any other person who may be closely related to you. Most of the times we fail to tell our dear ones how much we love them and appreciating them for being there for us. Telling someone your feelings is not something to be embarrassed about.  Its better you tell someone you love them and tell them how much you appreciate them being there for you, and what they mean to you before its too late.

It can be someone you like, maybe they are just shy to express themselves. Why be scared to make the first move? This is to the girls out there who think that it’s always the man to do the asking out? You first talk of gender equality and scared to ask a man out? Don’t fear a rejection, as long as you express yourself, and you will feel much better after expressing yourself than burring your feelings inside you. Who knows maybe the other person likes you back but can’t express themselves. Express your feelings to your parents and let them know you love them a lot and respect them, and thank them for always trying their best to give you a better life than they had. Express yourself to your teachers for giving you the knowledge to achieve more in life and be a better person.  If you want to tell someone something what you feel about them, go tell them. But be sure it is something positive they would like to hear. If it is something negative and you wish to tell them, do it in a polite manner that doesn’t offend them.

If you are scared to express yourself, you can always approach someone via social media if you can not do so face-to-face. These little things in life can make someone’s bad day go good. Just by expressing, appreciating, and respecting. It’s good to let out your feelings, it can be love, frustration, anger or depression. Just have someone you can express them to because when we share about our feelings, we learn more.  When you are able to express your feelings to someone or express yourself openly with a closed one, you genuinely feel better, it maybe sharing happiness or sadness. Don’t sit in a corner with all your feelings treasured and piled up inside you. Its all about showing your close ones that you really love them and are grateful for them being in your life, teaching you, building you and creating memories with you. Express yourself now because tomorrow is unpredictable.

~Amrit Kaur

Be fearless and express yourself. ~Amrit Kaur

Importance Of Sex Education!

Most of us are scared to openly talk about this topic because they think its “wrong”. That’s not the case, you shouldn’t be scared to talk about it because its a process of learning too and teaching the younger children about how their bodies change overtime and prepare them for the future. If you do not teach them how do you expect them to face the future challenges? Sex education is not only necessary to girls but even boys. Yes boys do get raped too! Boys and Girls also need to know that its not right to force anyone for their own sexual pleasure, use someone and go away. That is wrong! Most schools should have sex education because not all children are open to talk to their parents about it. Through teaching them and spreading the knowledge and awareness they get to learn and know more than basically just approaching “the wrong ways”.

Sex education does not encourage teenagers/children to have sex, it does quite the opposite like create awareness and let them know of how it will protect them from unwanted pregnancies and STD’s. It will teach them a lot more about personal hygiene as well. Sex education teaches the youth about what is right and wrong. Protection and pills that maybe most of the people do not know about. Teaches them about self worth and self respect. In today’s society, most of the youth is exposed to pornography and have bad company which leads them to do “Stupid” acts such as rape, harassment, physical abuse and early pregnancies and many more.

Sex education is necessary for the youth in order for them to be a better person and further understand and learn to respect someone’s decision and not force them for any kind of sexual activity they do not want to participate in willingly. If you teach them sex education they can further go ahead and spread awareness to others who may not have gotten this kind of education that they NEED to know about. There are people who can not afford to send their children to schools and make them know about sex education, you can decide to visit them in the small villages and spread the awareness! It will create a better atmosphere for people to live peacefully and avoid young girls to have early pregnancies and other young youths who may mentally suffer too.

Suggestion to the parents: Do not be embarrassed to teach your child these things. It will just help them in future, and learn when they are in danger and know how to face it off and all the right and wrong things to do. If you teach them as early as you can the better it is, they will know about their self worth and self respect and learn to fight for the right, fight for themselves and not support the wrong! You can also decide to go to the orphanage’s where children may not be knowing a lot about this, teach them and let them know too! Try and spread the need of sex education to as many people as you can.

~Amrit Kaur

Sex education, including its spiritual aspects, should be part of a broad health and moral education from kindergarten through grade twelve, ideally carried out harmoniously by parents and teachers.


Just a chance!


Don’t you just wish to have someone who loves you for who you are? Someone who knows when you are upset, sad, happy or angry and will just always make it up to you? It could be your best friend, secret admirer or just a well wisher. Don’t forget the people who have always had your back when you need them because one day you will want someone by your side, someone to talk to and you will realize you pushed the real people away and stayed with the people who don’t even know you need them. Don’t be mean and hurt anyone or be rude to them for trying to get even 5% of your attention or trying to be friendly with you. The same person you push away and hurt, today might secretly yet be praying for you and wishing well for you and you totally have no idea about it.

Give people a chance to tell you what they feel and what they want from you. Let someone express how they feel about you, don’t tell someone off without listening to them. If you love someone secretly gather the guts and tell them, because its better than staying in a corner having secret feelings and getting hurt. Who knows they might be feeling the same for you, but is just shy to speak up? Staying alone with your feelings will mentally kill you slowly.  So don’t be afraid to express yourself! You are brave enough to express and those who tell you off and reject you are “fools” because they will just regret later.

Just imagine this if you go to a restaurant and always order the same food since you were a kid, isn’t that boring? You do take the chance to try new stuff … Its just the same with people make new friends give everyone a chance, if you don’t like someone, politely tell them without hurting them. But there are some people who will yet wish the best for you  even after you have hurt them so much. Just be kind to everyone, if someone feels low and wants to talk, be there for them even if it is just for 20 minutes it will make someone feel better and they will appreciate you being there for them. One day at some point in life you would want someone to be there for you as well so just be kind even to people who have wronged you or hurt you. Let their karma serve them.

The person you decide to give a chance to today, might just be your best decision and you wouldn’t want to regret later. Giving someone a chance today is better than awful regrets later and when you go back to the person for them to give you a chance, you will realize it was too late. They were hurt, they waited for you, you never showed up and they moved on. Don’t be that someone to have regrets in life later on for not giving someone a chance! So take this positively and learn to socialize and give people a chance, just like you give your stomach a chance to try new types of foods!

~Amrit Kaur

A lifetime isn’t forever, so take the first chance, don’t wait for the second one! Because sometimes, there aren’t second chances! And if it turns out to be a mistake? So what! This is life! A whole bunch of mistakes! But if you never get a second chance at something you didn’t take a first chance at? That’s true failure.

~C. JoyBell C.

Be happy with what you have!


Learn to always be thankful for what you have today. There are many people out there who don’t get good food, quality clothes and luxurious life. There are many small children who yet pray and wish for the life you have. You don’t see them complaining about why they don’t have a smartphone or why they don’t always go to the restaurant to eat good food. Their parents struggle and work hard for a living to be able to provide food for their kids. Be thankful to your parents for giving you what they can, they make sure they provide for all your needs. Be thankful that your parents can afford to send you to school to learn and have a good life ahead. They work hard and earn for you to be a better person in life and have everything that they never got. So be a good person and be happy with the little you are getting. Do good and you will be blessed, don’t compare yourself with others because they are rich or poor, just be you!

At least you have parents that love you, think of those kids who don’t even have parents or guardians who can love them unconditionally. Be kind and spare time to at least spend time with these kids make them feel loved also. Put yourself in their shoes for once! You can make some donations to some orphanages it can at least help them in the slightest way and they appreciate these little things. We should also all appreciate the little things in life. Don’t shout at your parents for not being able to get you something, you have to understand them. In life you can’t always get what you want so just be happy and feel blessed each day for what you have.

~Amrit Kaur

Appreciate More, Complain Less!       ~Amrit Kaur